Photo of What chefs cook at home: Ho Boon

What chefs cook at home: Ho Boon

Photos By Art Chen The restaurant kitchen is so hot, it literally feels like were inside an oven. But Chef Ho Boon is oblivious to the sauna-like temperatures in here. He brandishes his ladle with a flourish and stirs and fries like the pro that he is, never once breaking into a sweat. Ho is the executive chef at Celestial Court, the Sheraton Imperial KLs revered Chinese restaurant. He worked his way up through pure grind, starting out as a kitchen helper in a local hotel way back in 1982 and slowly moving up the ranks over the years. As the Chinese chef for Celestial Court, he is responsible for planning the restaurants overall menu, a task which the hard-working Ho relishes as this gives him the opportunity to get creative. When a chef is as meticulous and hard-working as Ho, it is literally impossible to imagine him letting his hair down when he cooks at home. Somehow, you cant quite picture this chef stirring up an instant noodle storm! Its true, whether I am home or in the hotel, I try my best. Even though I dont have to face guests at home, I still want to present the best dishes for my family. I set high standards for myself and I have to live up to it everywhere, he says, grinning. Even at home, Ho Boon often makes his restaurant dishes for his family to try.

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