Photo of Try these unique Yemeni dishes this Ramadan

Try these unique Yemeni dishes this Ramadan

ForYemeni grad student Shada Bokir, the month of Ramadan is fraught with meaning and memory. Shada who has not returned to her home country for four years now remembers it as a time celebrated with the warmth and generosity which are hallmarks of its people. There are many special practices observed during Ramadan, she says. She is now in the fourth year of her PhD in Literature at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Beginning on the tenth day of Ramadan, every mosque will complete the reading of the Quran on a particular day, and all the houses around that mosque will invite their families over for a celebration at iftar. Theres also a sweet tradition for the kids who arent old enough to fast yet they are given little baskets woven from palm leaves, filled with food, drinks and sweets. Then they take their baskets and gather in one place in the neighbourhood, and together they sing traditional songs all about Ramadan until their mothers call them home for iftar. The iftar table also bears many delicacies that are unique to the time, only found at Ramadan.

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