Photo of Love of pork belly and buns

Love of pork belly and buns

Although Mr Sean Lim’s restaurant, Mojo in Telok Ayer, serves trendy grain bowls, he still yearns for his father’s simple home-cooked food. One dish, in particular, is an indulgent potluck party favourite – kong bak pau (pork belly buns). The 28-year-old has fond memories of the dish – thick-cut slabs of tender pork belly cooked in a herbal braising sauce, sandwiched with crisp lettuce and coriander in a steaming hot bun. The ingredients are plated separately so everyone can have fun filling his own bao. He says: “I love eating the bun with the gelatinous fat from the pork, dipped in my grandmother’s super spicy chilli. The flavours are always consistent and good. It is a simple one-pot dish that can be done in a pressure cooker as well.” The recipe is part of his father’s repertoire. The older Mr Lim keeps a folder of recipes which his son uses as a reference point for his cooking.

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