Photo of His Sri Lankan dishes bring all the friends to his home

His Sri Lankan dishes bring all the friends to his home

As Im about to walk into Dyllon Ekanayakes bright, sunny apartment, someone else saunters in ahead of me. That someone turns out to be Dyllons neighbour Jae See, who has come to try his famed coconut roti. He told me he was making coconut roti today, so I kepoh-kepoh (like a busybody) popped by, because I come here often to eat, says Jae, smiling. In many ways, it is incredibly easy to see how Dyllon makes friends so effortlessly (he met Jae in the elevator and they have become fast friends since). Dyllons warmth is palpable almost as soon as you meet him he exudes sincerity and generosity and is the consummate host. Dyllon also happens to be a phenomenal home cook, who makes the food of his Sri Lankan homeland nearly every single day, which is often the reason people come to visit him. I have this gang of local friends who love spicy food, so they always call and tell me, We are coming the weekend, so please make something, so I end up making Sri Lankan food every day now, because my group of friends is getting bigger, he says, grinning. Dyllon is a former radio deejay and TV personality from Sri Lanka (yes, he was a bit of a celebrity there) who met and married his Malaysian wife Bibi Rohani Abdullah eight years ago and has since made Malaysia his home. Although he never cooked nor was even a foodie as a child, all this changed when he moved to Malaysia. I started missing the (Sri Lankan) food, then I thought, Why not start cooking and learn? So I used to call my mum and ask her to send me recipes. And often, I would video call her and ask, How do I do this? And she would give me instructions. So that really helped me a lot and by 2012 or 2013, I just mastered the food, he says. Dyllon Ekanayake (left) met and married his wife Bibi Rohani Abdullah (right) and has lived in Malaysia since. He often cooks authentic Sri Lankan food for friends like Jae See (back).

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