Photo of German chocolate cake not actually German

German chocolate cake not actually German

It may surprise you to learn that German Chocolate Cake is not actually German. (But dont worry, its still very much chocolate and still very much cake.) And its also very Texan. Pecans arent historically found in the German diet, but Texans sure love them. Buttermilk which is mixed with chocolate in the cake is also a Southern staple. As it turns out, the cake is an American creation, not brought to us from German immigrants as many have thought. After researching the origins of the cake, every bite and nibble took us back to a recipe that ran in The Dallas Morning News in June 1957 called German Sweet Chocolate Cake. Mrs George Clay of South-east Dallas submitted her recipe to the food pages of our newspaper using Bakers Germans Sweet Chocolate, which still exists today. It was called Germans chocolate after Samuel German, who invented the sweetened chocolate while working for Bakers Chocolate, which was then owned by General Foods. (Its now owned by Kraft). Its a chocolate that includes sugar, which provides a shortcut for bakers. According to Whats Cooking America, the 1957 recipe was picked up by other newspapers across the country, and sales of Bakers chocolate soared along with the popularity of the cake. Confusion about the origins of the cake have persisted. In 1963, according to a story in The Dallas Morning News, even President Lyndon B. Johnson served the cake at his Johnson City ranch for a luncheon with German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. We cant seem to find any reports on if Chancellor Erhard liked the cake, or if he realised it was erroneously made in honour of his home country.

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