Photo of Cook these classic Peruvian dishes at home

Cook these classic Peruvian dishes at home

To understand Peruvian gastronomy, you must understand its geography and history, said Carlos Pardo Figueroa to a roomful of culinary students paying rapt attention. These are students of the School of Culinary Arts, at Berjaya University College of Hospitality, and Figueroa was conducting a special two-day cooking class just for them he was in town for the Peru Mucho Gusto culinary festival, and held the class as part of the schools International Chef Paul Bocuse Week. Peru has a thin strip of the coast, as well as the Andes mountain range and the Amazon. These three account for over 80 of our 110 micro-climates, none of them extreme and that provides a great diversity of ingredients, said Figueora, from the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Usil) in Lima. Like Berjaya UCH, it is a member of the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance. Every region has its own expression and its own distinctive cuisine, because of this diversity, said Guido F. Loayza, the ambassador of Peru. An avid and passionate cook himself, he was also at the workshop, contributing added knowledge to the students. The influence of the Incas and the Spanish conquistadors and their African slaves, as well as the many waves of migrants through the years from Italy to Japan on the rich and complex gastronomy of Peru is well-documented. The powerful interest in food that Peruvians have can be traced to the Incas to them, gold and silver were decorations. Food was the true currency of their civilisation, said Figueora.

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